Monday, February 12, 2007

Wanting More

This morning, I met with my accountability group. We meet every other week on monday mornings. Today, for various reasons, there were two of us missing. However, I was blessed by the conversation and today left the table like I always do. I left wanting more.

If I ended this post with having just said that - you might believe that I was not filled and wish that there would be more to our discussion, but that could not be further from the truth. Every time that I leave our group, I feel as if we leave more because of the clock than because we have accomplished a specific task. That's good in some ways.

I think right now I am filled by the times when I leave wanting more. I say that thinking about some of the best meals that I have ever had. When they are the best is when I leave wanting more. When they are not so good is when you leave feeling so stuffed, that you wish you hadn't eaten so much.

I leave my group wanting more. I look forward to our time together and look forward to our conversation. I think about that in terms of my ministry and the ways in which we can meet in small groups in the church. I want to form groups in the church that not only want to meet together, but have that same experience - leave each other wanting more.

Small group experiences are not about leaving with all of the answers, concluding all of the discussions, leaving the table satisfied, and finishing the episode. I think it's about wanting more. I think it is about having an experience with Christ that leaves us wanting more of him in our lives and in the lives of those with whom we live.

Anyway . . .


Chris said...

I feel the same my brother. Its good to share the journey with you!

Brett Probert said...

Excellent analogy and I identify completely. I guess that is how I'm feeling about my walk with God lately and this is an encouraging piece to pray about in that regard too. I enjoy being on the journey with you, and I enjoy being a part of the conversation with you...

jan lamm said...

Thanks. Really enjoyed it.
I actually put down Willow Creeks book "Building a Church of Small Groups". to check out your site.
As I'm writing this, cars are leaving the church. A small group meeting that started two hours ago just ended. Although 12 is not such a small group, they have been meeting every Monday for 7 years. They know all about Christian Community.
There used to be 16, but 4 don't come anymore. They've died.
You see, this is a senior citizen small group and they bless my heart. They love and take care of one another.
I'm glad you have a small group that works too.
(I'm just surprised they let you in.)
Just kidding.
Have a blessed day,

Anonymous said...

Missing the group today and tonight I sat down to realize just how much I missed the time together. Be blessed brother.